Welcome to The Danish Hawking Club's homepage.

The Danish Hawking Club was formed in 1993, and is the only one of itīs kind in Denmark. The club holds about 25-30 members, and about half of these members have permission from the Forest and Wildlife Department to keep birds of prey. 

The main purpose of the club is to work for the reintroduction of hunting with birds of prey in Denmark, and to expand the knowledge of falconry in Denmark.

The club is actively working on exchanging scientific knowlegde concerning birds of prey, captive breeding, and promoting a good and trustful relationship to authorities, by having a proffessional attitude towards the welfare of captive and wild birds of prey.

The Danish Hawking Club is a member of IAF (International Association of Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey) and hereby represented in IUCN.

The active members of the club assist new members with good advice concerning keeping, handling and training of Birds of Prey, and the board is helpful to assist in relevant applications to the authorities concerning keeping Birds of Prey.

Any new member is obligated to recieve education from an experienced falconer before acquisition of any Bird of Prey.

The Danish Hawking Board is the only organisation who represents hawking politically in this country.

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